About me…

Easter Bonnet 2

Bella Tresor, which translates to Beautiful Treasure, is an appreciation, a  celebration, and the pursuit of beauty and art in all things.

My personal style is rather eclectic… it’s a mix of Shabby Chic, French Country, and Swedish. I adore Romantic Decor! I believe our homes are our sanctuary from the world, and as such, they should be comfortable, as well as beautiful.

My fashion sense, or lack thereof, is probably as ecclectic as my home decor. I am a hapless, romantic, bohemian gypsy dressed in her finest steampunk froppery, and frantically checking her pocket watch, as she is terribly late for a tea party onboard the whirling dervrish of an airship known as The Flying Tresor, which is quite coincidentally known for its lack of punctuality, as well… Oh my!