Please excuse the mess, I am in the midst of remodeling my little home here on the web. It boggles the mind how many decisions starting a little ol’ blog  entails…

I thought I wanted my site to be all pretty and fancy, but then I read that kind of style is kinda passe.  Of course, that may have something to do with how long it takes pages to load when you stuff them full of pretty images… (oops). So, the trend now is to have pages be lean, sleek, and fine tuned like a sports car so they load quickly: instant gratification.

Victoria transparent

So, there is layout to consider, and themes, or templates to choose from (convenient since my html is a bit rusty). Then there are background colors to consider and text colors and fonts and menus and well, I think you get the picture.

So, I really like the black , grey , and pink that I have here, although first choice for my branding and logo has always been french blue. On the other hand, black and white is more readable, and always classic. I want my page to reflect a certain grace and elegance.

I do have some great surprises coming in the near future, for my loyal and patient, dear readers.Near, however, is sooooo subjective, lol. Mostly it depends on how many real life events require my attention, and how soon I can get everything in place and up and running. So please check back in and see what progress gets made. Bella Tresor is a place to admire and share Art, Fashion, Home Decor, Projects, and Lifestyle, it’s also born out of necessity, mostly my OCD, lol. My pinterest has become so large that it is not easily manageable. I would like to have sub-categories and such, so hopefully this will allow me to organize the gazillion awesome things I have found on Pinterest. I am sharing some of the awesomeness I have collected, as honestly, I have found way more projects than I could ever hope to complete in my lifetime. Hopefully, others can complete some of these. I would love to see the results…

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